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Imagine coming home after work and finding a spotless home, ready to welcome you. A place where you only need to take your shoes off and cook a delicious dinner without worrying about pending chores.

That's where our service comes in. We help to clean your space so you can enjoy your time with your family.
What do we offer? A thorough cleaning that will leave every corner of your home impeccable! From bathrooms to kitchens and common areas. We help to create an atmosphere that makes you feel at peace and comfort.

Our team of reliable cleaners will take care of your space with the utmost respect for your privacy and time. Moreover, we understand that everyone has their own needs, so we offer flexible schedules to adapt to your agenda.
Leave the daunting task of cleaning to us, while you focus on what truly matters: your family and well-being. Experience the wonderful feeling of coming home to a shining place, where stress fades away, and there's only room for comfort and enjoyment.

Earleen, Dundas ON

“Cleansy Maids have an exceptional cleaning Service!"

Lisa, Hamilton ON

"Professional and reliable."

Colleen, Burlington ON

"When I came back from work, my house was clean and smelled so good! Thanks Cleansy Maids"


Contact us now for more information and to book your personalized cleaning service!

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